yes i skipped my first day of year2 as i wanted to stay home to complete my assignment which was due later on at 5; and guess what?! it was extended till next monday; so seriously; should i jump for joy or not?!

decided to take a look at shu uemera's blusher brush at takashimaya and it was a horrid experience. i mean we were looking at the display for barely 3seconds when the sales person just shot "it's 90bucks"

i mean WHAT?! i was so friggin shocked and not at the exhorbitant price for the "hand made brush made by the hair from a horse's tail";

i mean what the hell does she mean

by that?!

we dont wna know the price.

and she didnt even say welcome,

or hi

or anything. she just said.

it's 90bucks.


talk about GEMS;
totally ruined shu uemera and all.

what? students cant purchase expensive brushes?!
must we tote expensive gucci like bags to be able to stand in front of the shelf and get a proper greeting and warm smile in return?

she's like so many other sales people out there in all these boutique shops who wrinkle their noses or pretend they dont see your need for help should you step onto their posh carpeted flooring with your cheap ass shoes.

people should honestly stop being so judgemental and only seek to curry favor to those wearing shoes from Christian Louboutin and the likes.
this mentality is so wrong and honestly; it turns people off.

Can i honestly hate that girl? ))))):

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