ok; so after so so long, i've decided to post up pictures from my japan trip!!

this is me; just minutes after stepping right out of the airport.
yupp. i was realllly amused and entertained when i saw my own breaths!
it;s REALLY COOL! haha
( ok, harrison, PLS! dont laugh!!)

first stop! DISNEYLAND TOKYO!!!
this place is just. magical. really. i mean. you get really caught up with the atmosphere and u just wna be like a kid again!
ok; so i didnt scream when i saw Mickey and friends but,
still; this place was entertaining; and really really prettty!!

this was the 1st; "almost" jap thing i had for lunch. mac & cheese!
yer. fine; not some jap cuisine. but. i had to order it in JAP!! although all i did was to point and say; ICHI! and ikuradeska, i was pretty pleased with myself:D

however; i got bored stiff! when i had to queue for like. 3h for this 4minutes ride. ok; granted. i had fun with my cousins and brothers but. 3h is madness. though it was fun; i mean; i actually SLEPT while queuing. so that was how horrid it was~

and as pathetic as it may sound, the ONLY other ride i took in disney land was the carousel with my lil neighbor and quan, cos he was dragged by me. haha
pretty fun though; going up and down on a lil wooden horse and around in circles=p

haha and mind you; i HAVE AN AMAZING CHILDHOOD! haha

a majority of the japanese practice buddhism and so, it is a no brainer that we would be visiting a couple in japan. however, what was amazing was that the temples are so gorgeous and so rich in history!

on our way up the temple, i was like. whining about wanting to see a geisha since we're in kyoto, so i got my wish jason pointed out that there was a "weird lady" up front. wooo. i ran all the way up hill. in my heels. heavy coat. thin, winter air. and i was barely coherent when i caught up with her. haha LOOK AT MY GRIMACE! LOL

we went to this temple in kyoto and i may not know much about architecture but i love how quaint the whole estate was~

in the past, people would make a wish and leap off the edge and if they survive, it meant that their wish would come true for them(: if they died; then. yer. it's kinda obvious what it meant:S hahaha

this is where they would land and it's a pretty long drop! GOSH! and it's amazing how quite alot of people did that in the past!

while enjoying the sight; i saw this weird looking view! i mean; why is there only one tree with orange red leaves?! but still; it's gorgoeus(:

this is some kind of an ancient love stone; so, couples would actually, come to this love stone, do some kind of declaration of love stuff with it and yer; it is belived that they'll live happily ever after, after that. LOL

blessed water flow down the stream and devotees would come and drink from the spring; they could only choose one of the 3 as it is sinful to be greedy; the 1st would be for love, 2nd for wealth and 3rd for health(:


so we went to another temple; forgotten whr was that and i was more interested in the alley behind the temple=p haha

they sell really good food; stuff which costs a bomb in Isetan or Takashimaya back home! haha

like this particular mua chee;
it's green tea flavored and the ground peanut paste in it was grown in Hokkaido! it was a healthy and yummy snack(:

also, the dumplings in japan were different! instead of green pandan leaf, some brown leaves were used and they were real small as compared to those we see back home! it was really yummy too!

saw this cig vending machine and i was amazed!
first: there was no need for any age verification
second: they were dirt cheap! as compared to those sold in SG!!!
330Yen is not even like. $8SGD!!

Tiffany, a cute 3 year old from our tour group even got an ice cream cone of her own! look at her facial expression!!

there were so many different flavors to choose from, ranging frm the normal strawberry and vanilla ones to the more exotic sesame and rose flavored ones!

and licking frm a cone at 2 to 3 degrees celcius is simply the best!!

also, we had some really really fresh persimmons and they were delicious!! really! i dont really like persimmons; especially those bought from fairprice cos they;re all squashed and soft. but. these japanese persimmons were real crunchy and the best part?! they were value for money!

saw a group of toddlers on an excursion and they were so adorable! or should i say, kawaii?
same caps and cute plaid bags!


went over to this factory outlet in yokohama, and it was amazing! shopping out in the cold weather beats shopping in hot and humid SG anytime and what makes it so surreal?! Mt. FUJI!!!

OMG!!! in SG, you cant see ANYTHING! cept for cars and trees and buildings.
here; you get to see friggin mt. fuji!! GOSH!!

went up the mountain the next day and it was breathtaking! literally!

it was so difficult to breathe normally up on the mountain; especially with the wind gushing about. and it;s so figgin cold!! some of the snow went into my gloves and my blood felt like it was gna freeze right there and then; under my skin!

after like 20min? woo. my ears. they were really really gna drop off from my head! it was so cold and when i touched it. i couldnt feel them at all! hahaah
so, thank goodness for the ancient heater right in the gift shop cos i have to like. sit there for 15min to feel my ears again! haha

but stilll; i've made my 1st snowball:DDDDD like after. 17years of my life:S hahaha

went down to the lake to have shabu shabu; it's super oiiishi!!! ok; i was the only person who felt that way; haha cos the veg REALLY do seem abit. gross. but i like=p

anyway; the view of the lake was amazing!!!! with the clear sky and everything. and prior to that; the majestic mt. fuji, really. made me think of God and when he created everything on this earth in that 6days... He's just. awesome. really:D

after lunch, we went to this traditional japanese village to see the way of life of the japanese in the olden days and it was fascinating. the attap houses, tatami all over, the stuff they use.. so quaint.

they even had the tower with the bell, in which someone would climb to the top to ring it in case of an emergency like; a tsunami or typhoon; to warn everyone in the village.

another glimpse of mt. fuji. its just. wonderful. seriously.
i wna go back in spring, when the sakura is in blooom.
wow.it's gna be fab((:

ps/ my parents went over to japan like. when i was one?
i dont wna go back to japan like. 16 years later or smt!!
cant imagine how old i will be:S hahaha

stayed in this hotel which have got a hot spring facility and it was amazing! we were provided with the traditional japanese robe and apparently, we have to wear it down for dinner:( haha

it was weird, dressed up that way; but still. it was a nice experience. the dinner wasnt so bad either! had the huge crab; from hokkaido and it was so fresh! seriously!!

thereafter, together with 2 other ladies in the tour group, i went for the hot spring and the experience was weird. honestly!

i still cant shake the idea of people talking to each other while showering in the nude. haha. granted. it was all misty in the room but still~~~

i soothed myself with the fact that this isnt something out of the norm and yer. i enjoyed myself. and. i had a GOOD night's sleep after that(:


took the bullet train to osaka and it was so much FUN!! was super awe struck when i saw the bullet train zoom past and i felt so much like some kinda hill billy.


was at osaka and i was so friggin glad!! it feels great to be in the city where everything is so vibrant! was in shopping district, shinsaibashi and that was where i got my bag(:

the streets are lined with shops and honestly, given the time, i doubt you could finish shopping in a day! there were that many things to see, for both guys and girls!


visited Universal Studios Japan the next day and i had tons of fun there!!

chatted with a japanese girl while in line for that ride and obviously, i dont speak the language~ hahaha but it was fun(: but nerve wrecking cos i risk looking like some kinda weird, english speaking monstrosity.

the rides were awesome and much much better than Disneyland's...

the Spiderman Ride was FANTABULOUS and so much fun! the 4-D (was it 4-D?) effect was great! even while waiting for our turn, there were so many things to see, posters, video, cartoons etc etc.

went to the jurassic park ride which was yawn inducing but the final part was awesome!! we dropped from a high altitude and the water splashed onto us! BUTTT i was holding fast onto my dad's coat!

that's my mom on a carousal in the Land of Oz; she's so cute!

and there was all these floats along the streets and i saw the cutest, Sesame Street one! LOL! it was like. blast from the past, where you hear and remember the theme song of your favorite childhood show. with Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster, larger than life!


Went back to SG the next day and, it was sad; cos i KNOW i'll miss the weather!! it feels so sad, thinking about having to stuff my gorgeous coat in mhy closet and wear it only God knows when.

that was some view from the plane huh?! BEDOK FRIGGIN JETTY!!

and that was my brothers. yes.
look at the way they push the trolley?!! SERIOUSLY! hahaha

anyway; tt's all i have. and really.
my laptop and i worked overtime for this post; but it was all worth it(:

hope u guys enjoyed it!!!


ps/ LEY!

i still think that it's super cool to get married on 29th FEB(:
EXTRA SWEEET(: hahahaha

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