went over to Aranda Country Club on 28th feb; and it was great fun!

at first, the girls were just crapping and bouncing around on the bed.
screaming our heads off, while Ley The Ripper went around trying to lie on our laps.
*yer. i was one of the poor souls**

haha; anyway; we had enough fun and ley, esther, mel, aud, rach and i decided to go CYCLING(((((((((((((((:

we were all teaching AUD how to ride a bike and i wont lie;
it is TOUGH teaching someone how to cycle.

gosh; really. i wonder how did my dad and grandpa survive,
teaching 3kids how to cycle in the past:S

even then; she managed to learn how to CYCLE!!!!!!!!!!

it's no mean feat; seriously. and within that 2h.

but the Best Instructor Award goes to


seriously. she was like the best mom you could ask for; so patient and everything. never giving up!!
so in awe of her. hahah

so if any of u wna learn how to ride a bike;
you know who to find(((((:


then; something horrid happened.


gosh; my IC, exlink, ATM, membership cards, vouchers,

what;s worse was the purse! awwwwww it was a GIFT!! a G-I-F-T!!!!!!!

for my bday. and i haven even used it for like. a month and i just. lose it))))))))))):

backtracked with the girls and yet; we couldnt find it.
aww. what's worst is that, i hung it around my wrist. so. it was INCREDULOUS to think that; i didnt notice when it dropped))))))))))):

but i gta say that; i didnt exactly panic when i lose it. i was just. CRAPPP. all of over. but i was praying and such.

and seriously. i know that it would be a miracle if i DO get my purse back at all.
i mean; it disappeared in the PARK. so~ yer.

was feeling alright when i got back to the chalet but i couldnt eat anything cos i was feeling kinda dejected.

aw. really. did cry; when my mom called and scream at me.
hahah; tt's the difference between my mom and dad.

and harrison. gosh. was so so sorry for losing the purse.
though u said it didnt matter; oh man. was feeeling so super lousy.


think i scared tim, when i suggested drinking heineken. LOLLLLLLL.
ok. i was in the mood. to. down some bitter lager.

BUT. i dont belive in drinking to drown your sorrows and stuff.

anyway. the heineken tastes FABBB!! haha.
and. i was having the wings and chicken franks.

was all normal when i received the phone call that changed my LIFE!!


jason called and he told me that

my friggin purse was found!!!

and was with security.

i couldnt belive it and i was jumping and screaming and stuff!!
oh LORD!!


it was a miracle and honestly.

i didnt doubt it for one second!!

saw esther and ley in the plaza and i think i scared 2 lil kids who were nearby.
when i ran up to them.

i;m so friggin GLAD!! and really.

i think my mom felt abit shamed- faced when she knew that i've got my purse.

all in all,

the party ended off in the


let's do this AGAIN((((:

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