ok. so. i do not belive how i would actually use this space to blog abt my emotional state of mind. but i have a feeling, that if i dont express this pent up. anger, sadness, confusion or whtever~ i;m gna break down.

somehow. i feel like there's too too too many things to do. and so so little time. i know i may not be the only one. but. honestly. as i look ard. everyone seemed to be so in control and so sure of their life!

is this like an identity crisis?!! psych. majors. please do tell me!!

for school~
yess. i have taken the initiative to do my tutorials. to really. make an EXTRA effort to listen. and. i do get wht the lecturers are saying. but. honestly.

there really isnt enough time for everything.

everyone have got the standard 24h!!! so how is it that some people sail thru their lives as though it was a breeze?!! while some of us stand on the side lines. trying to figure out how these people get the energy to even try..

haha!! ok. i guess i'll stop now. it's getting depressing.
but no worries. i wouldnt jump out the window. haha!
anyhow. from whr i am, i'll prolly hit on my neighbor;s awning.

this is weird. like. telling the whole world how i feel. but. owells.
i'm always a person who puts her heart on her sleeve!!!

gta do my FABM.

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