ok so!!!! aunty anna went NEW YORK CITY and she got jeslin THE ICONIC TEE!!! haha!!!
it's so flippin tourist-sy but so so perfect!!!

while we got these lovely candies. haha(: laffy taffy(: yum yum yum!!! haha!

went nyny @ city link on deepavali and finally!! i got the picture with my mom(: haha!! so. that's my 1st cotton candy=p guess how many did i haf in total=p haha! the worst part was the size of the ball get smaller and smaller and in the end, i didnt even TOUCH the 1st cotton candy. haha! owells. a little=p haha!

lazy ass quan lying my my dad's lap. haha!! and my dad's the only healthy one. haha! didnt touch the candy AT ALLL!! awwwww~ he actually scolded me whn i got my 3rd!!!! candy cone=p hahahahahahahaha!! yesss. and the 3rd was the largest ONE(: haha!

ooh. so. this lil pic is so unglam. but LOOK AT THE HALO!!! haha!!! that goes to showw!!! i;m such an ANGELLL(: hahaha!!

and how can i forget to post on this?!!! awwwww
haha! for once!! there's like. a grp of blackie chans in class(: haha

i love you guys(: hahahah!!
ps/ i feel like a giant freak beside mell. MELLL i feel so sad now): hahah!!

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