love love tr22!!!

there was a 3-4hr break till fabm lecture after the tutorial cls and the WHOLE of 22 just went over to MAC@KAP. haha.

it was just super funn and we just talked about spooky ghost stories and all. haha
i wna do it again!!

micro econs and b comm ended at 12 plus today and of course!!! we girls went shopping!!!!!

1st! gta pray for esther's sister. she's having fever or something. so. let's pray that she'll be ok.

2nd! char's having dragon boat regatta this coming saturday at clarke quay so let's pray that she'll be real healthy and ngee ann will win the race!!!! haha!

ok. cont.
basically.. we went to far east and wisma and haha it was just great fun with d girls!!

i love y'all!!!! haha

though it seemed like we havent shopped enuf=p haha! it was great fun!!
and yinana and i just got targetted by the rest and we gta wear the big, clumsy floppy sunhat at f21. haha=p

let's do something like this soon ok?!! lol

and shirley and esther!!!
u wil totally rock the bcomm oral presentation next week!! dont worry!!!!!!


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