went for the extraction of my lower wisdom tooth today and of course!!! i didnt have a proper meal ever since the apple, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and carrot juice this morning:S

but strangely. it didnt hurt so much today!! haha! honest!! when my dentist injected the 3shots of anaesthetic, i didnt even tense up or anything. i was like "breathing thru the pain" haha!!=p

lol. didnt know whr the term came frm. anyhow.
during the actual procedure, i was still tapping my foot to the music playing and i remembered that one of the songs wwas Ne-Yo's So Sick. haha!!

whteff. i love that song=p

i;m so ZENNNN!! haha!
prolly bcos of the yoga sessions i did in school(: hehe.


yer. so. of course i suffered for the rest of the day. awwwwww~
i was so friggin hungry. and the whole fam actually went on to have dinner din tai fung, paragon): omg

so. yer. all i had for dinner~
1 shrimp wanton,
1 xiao long bao,
1 SMALL bowl of noodle
1 SMALL bowl of rice
2 SMALL cubes of 红烧牛肉

a big cup of almond jelly+ dates with crushed ice:D

haha!! and by small! omg. it's so friggin small!! it was only like. 3 scoops of rice and noodle. etc etc. hiash
i'm so so so so so so so so hungry now!!!!!!

but i do miss the dessert(: haha! love my dad! he actually allowed me to have dessert while they're having the main course! lalalalalalas.

ok fine. so. actually. i was hungry. and i cant eat. so i decided to come online to blog abt it=p haha!!
gta go do my microecons tut now!!!!

zoom zoom zoom!!!

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