we had it at

Whitebait & Kale, The Food Company

hha before, that in school,
wow. haha went crazy with photography!!

got smarter and we took this using the timer thing on the cam!! haha woots!!

i LOVE TR22!!!

my lovely girls from intergrated proj.
awwww. we gta jia you!!! ahaha
we haf the best concept!!

and everybody knows tt i'm so fixated with height, i just am
so obviously. i;m
like. it's a MUST for me to post this on.

ooh. so.
MY GODD the height diff bet dicky and mel
he's 183.
she's 150

so. yer, u know me. ahahah.
i wna join in the fun too. so i got dicky to stand while we were like.
"how do u wna stand"
"eh. i dont know"
laughs. haha
so friggin awakward ah lol.
so. dickson ahh!!
hope i didnt scare u=p ahah!

final analysis~
i feeel so friggin short. in my heels. so.

ooh BUT

haha you can guess wht's gna happen when you put yina and me with a scarf together in the same place=p

tada!!! ziqing is there trying to break us apart!! haha!

aud, me, na, shirley and char.
whr's rach, esther and mel?!!!!

and theres esther. doing the one thing which she'll prolly nvr do again ever in her life
1) hugging goh ping ping

yay esther!!

haha! i;m like. poking fun at her tdy ah.
constantly so. haha=p

but ley, no worries(: i'll be here:DDDDDDDDDDDDD

and back to the dining etiquette workshop.
haha. sorry. i digressed.
so many pictures!!
not even half's here. so


wow. there;s so many things that u've gta be so particular about.
like; didnt know that when you drink sake, the "pretty" picture is supposed to face your guest.

haha. tt's just too weird ahh!

ooh and the peas.
OMG!! how can we haf peas the way ms. amy cher taught us?!!

PEAS right?! they're teeny. and small. and YET! we're supposed to use our knife and fork and spear them.
tt's it~ i;m skipping peas the next time!
[which prolly isnt a prob since i hate peas)): ew]
i just wna complain=p haha

so. anyhow. the lesson took like. an hour. and after that. we're famished!!!
i ordered the steak bcos ms esther wants me to be as beef loving as her. and. i;m glad i took her advice(: haha
i got my medium done tenderloin and ok.


i'll start from the appetizer:

smoked salmon salad
tt's the worst salad i've ever had in my entire life!!!
the greens are like. YUCKKK!!
coming from a person who DO drink celery + green apple juice.
u can tell i;m not a vegetable hater. so. YUCK.

lobster biqsue

omg!! this. ok. it's. OK..
apparently, they cooked it using the shells of the poor lobster, so it's so friggin salty!!
the most number of ppl didnt manage to down this soup.
if i;m the chef. i'll be so friggin demoralised ahh! seriously~~


yay!! medium done!! it's YUMMY!! ahaha
so. according to esther. mine was pretty bloody. haha
but still~~
lol! but the cheesy mashed crap at the bottom was gross.
cos. everybody seemed to be able to swallow it. so. hha!!


the piece de resistance was this chocolate thing

can somebody run down to whitebait & kale and ged it for me pretty please?!! haha

so. yer. plus. there was sorbet before the entree. and yummmmm
i think i;ve got sweet tooth lo(:
tt's gooooooooooooooooooood.

**** esther... i wannnnnnnttt=p haha

aww. and. look mel's face!! haha!
we had a glass of white wine and a glass of caberet sauvignon each and.
( i heard that the other class, 02, got to haf bubbly. awwww): i want=p haha)
her's was the reddest!!!

mel!!! i'll protect you kkk?!!
so. pls. dont call me a giant?!! awwwww))): haha

so. here we all.

acting all hoity toity and brandising our wine glasses

went ovr to town after dinner. and it's so so pretty(:
awwww. dropped off at tangs and haha!
gta go up the kerb the unglam way
poor aud, got a bruise bcos of this. haha

orchard!! christmas lights!!!!! wowwww. it's already 23rd tdy.
christmas's in a month's time
should i be glad or happy?
CTs before the xmas hols.

time flies.
last year. this period.
O's just ended. wow.
hard to imagine christmas 2008 now. but
somehow. it'll happen right?

i HOPE!!!

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