first up!!!
OMG!!!! i love this song that is playing!!


awww. pls dont laugh whn i say that i've gone all numbly and tingly whn listening to it. cos it's TRUE(: haha

shirley wanted me to go look at the mv. saying that. it'll be sadder. so
i havent go on. cos youtube is mad today!! arghh!
i'll go be emo l8r one(: haha

you made me emo lo haha!

anyhow. tdy.
is a good day(:

ley, esther and na came ovr to my place and we did CATS stuff while ley did her FABM journal.

ahaha. it was pretty good cos we completed andddddd
being girls. we went crazy.
in the dining room.
was glad tt my mom didnt see wht was going on. but dear mr. jason lee. aka my 15yr old brother saw.

and he went
"wht the hell are you all doing ah?!" haha

so moral of the story:

pls!! pls!! dont ever put 3mad girls and tons of random make up tgt cos this is wht's happened!!!

wow faints!!~~
i look like some kinda drag queen ahh!!

pls pls pls!!
dont even try to zoom in
cos. it wont work(: ahaha
pic's too grainy for tt. so. haha

the works of esther and yina.
so, shirley!! i love you more cos i wasnt yr guinea pig(: ahahaha

my god!! is it really nice?!! cos. wow. haha!

this is the picture the green people took earlier on in school

see the diff?!! awwww

but. wht we did to esther's eyes were funnier!! haha!
so i;m glad. haha


and yer. we didnt haf any pics cos. really.
i;m afraid whoever's reading this will laugh till you roll off yr swivel chair or smt. haha

shirley and i got cramps ah!


and audrey, mel, char and rach?! we missed you!!!!
or shall we go bake some cookies at char's place?!

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