awww cant belive it. after such a HEALTHY school year. 99% attendance(((: and i've fallen sick!!!! arghh!!

so. i've been to the doctore((: got some cough syrup ( which causes me to be drowsy!!) and some lozenges and flu tablet. awwwww. i honestly feel like zzzzz now.
owells. perhaps i shd. cos i;m meeting shirley dearest tml for stats!! yay!

ooh. i;m such a nerd. anyhow. haha

haha so anyhow. rachie celebrated her bday this week on the 27th!! woots!!!
17!!!!! FINALLY~~~ the baby of the group. haha/
but the 2nd giantess))):
rach is just so tall. i'm jealous!!

here;s the lovely bday girl

and her (even lovier=p) cake! from four leaves!!

awww look at the amt of chocs!!!

YUMM!! but i;m SICKKK!! hiash. sos.

yer. we actually put;


bcos dear NA feels tt regular happy bday is just too boring. hahahahah.
you're such a weirdo;
but i agree wif u=p hahaha

ooh. went thru my mobile and i saw these pics!!
went tony roma's last saturday and wow!! how do i miss my lovely
chicken philly sandwich! yummm!!!

yer, this is the lovely boulangere of my dad holding onto the huge chunk of break frm my entree. haha
he finished the whole friggin thing AFTER having his portion of honeyback baby racks and roasted, half chicken.


ooh and the piece de resistance today is this cute apple crumble thing!!
it's like. mashed apple beneath a layer of wholewheat cereal and the 4 of us shared!! wow.

i wna go there!!
shirley!! no more swensens!!
tony OKAY?!!
since your bday's on jan 9!! haha!!!
1st to turn 18!!! ahahah

i still wna see you dance!!

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