TRM Camp 07'

i'm back frm the camp!!! haha! this is prolly old news but.
owell. i was pretty much excited bcos of the high elements but there wasn't any!!!!

but. it still rocked. in a way.

no time to go granny here so here are some of the highlights.

my group's called bigfoot.
haha. and i dont even know why. but i guess it's cute
cos our team's identity is those faux blue crocs u see selling in the wet markets. haha!

it's so prominent and i love how i can shove a lil packet of pre packaged swiss roll into it or even my n73!!! haha!

we played some of those team bonding games and they're so completely different!!
haha! tt's wht i love most.
i almost died in the spiderweb game-
where a team member gta cross thru a SMALL lil irregular hole either on his own or with some help.

i know i've shown off and i'm gna show off again.
i was chosen to be popped thru the highest one in which i had to stand vertically and i nose dived down.

i was so freakin traumatized i guess i was incoherant for about 5mins,
trust me-
the adrenaline is like. causing my heart to go on an ovrdrive!!! haha!


it's so diff frm the usual "BOO" frm the bush.
so there was this path off the tracks in the jungle and there was this DEEEEEEP canal a little to our left.
one slight mistake and you'll be taking a slide down.
plus our shoes are making squishing noises as we trod thru the mud and boy. some of our white shoes haf turned completely brown!!!
i still feel kinda bad tt i gta throw my brother's brown socks away):


it was rafting day!!
i hate walkie talkies!!! it's impossible to communicate with 8diff voice talking at the same time.
and it's madness trying to tie the pvc pipes and rubber tubings tgt.
but it was worth it.
haha! it was great fun in the sea and i'm proud to say- i didnt get muscle cramps frm rowing the raft with the dragonboat paddle!!
i've grown stronger(: haha!

and there was sandcastle building.
it may seem childish but i love the digging and adding water and moulding of the sand...
through. it was so so unfair to change grps and sandcastles halfway thru but. i guess.
the logic behind that is true...


yes.. the wait was so boring the girls slept while waiting for the "boss";

went to do CIP ovr at mutts and mittens
and i'm in love mongrols!!
i dont care if they arent pedigrees but those doggys are so adorable!!
(it's kinda sad how the kittys were neglected)

so i walked my very own mutt, WRINKLE.
SHE's so hyper and she pooped everywhr!! haha!
but the best part? she kissed me on the lips!! haha!!
i miss her already!!
and to those of you who wants a dog??

and pls dont dont dont ever get a husky or anything the same for the matter..
those poor creatures.
so beautiful with their thick long hair and thick layers of blubber.
and they gta withstand the strong heat in s'pore.

imagine if u had to wear like.
wht an eskimo wears in s'pore.
u'll prolly not even last an hr on the streets!!

another doggy-
u know those fierce, agrressive, violent black colored dogs with bunny short tails?
there was like 3 at the shelter and
yes. one was acting like a lunatic, barking incessantly at us.
the other was sleeping like a baby and the 3rd was just. old and. sad...):
too bad. it cant ever leave it's cage.. due to it's agrresive streak in these dogs...
i mean. the volunteer patted it's mouth and head and it hardly made a squeak!!
life's unfair in this way huh? haha!

after the whole long hot day and we just slacked...

ok i'll stop all my ANIMAL WELFARE THING.
but i gta say.
this camp was fun though it can be better and
i miss u all already!!! haha!!
seeya on monday(:


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