it was great fun

so, i wanted to go shopping on my own on friday.. you know, just ti get away frm everyone and get some stuff for skl or smt..

so of course!! i changed my mind and called ann and it was so much fun!! haha!

places we went:
3rd level of far east plaza
wisma atria.
city link

at wisma.. so i wanted to get a pair of heels right. i saw it online so ann and i decided to go nine west.
OMG!! we saw a PRETTY pair of lace up booties!!!
so yer.
we didnt get that. haha..
bascially- i think ann was more excited than me; lol! haha

sorry- not really in the mood to type. haha am singing to a moment like this by kelly clarkson=p awesome song!!!


there wasn't that many things to get. but i got a red scarf frm topmen!!! it was discounted and everything (the whole shop is) and it was gorgeous!!!!!

haha! and i think ann shdn't shop wif me. haha
cos i'll just ask her to get everything.
i think YOU would too if u saw the kind of lust in her eyes whn she saw the CUTEST reversable hoodie ever.

we went to take the train to city hall and we had thai express.
there were v few ppl so it was FUNNNN haha

had the tumyam soup + rice.
it was so difficult to choose bet. phad thai and that):

so of course.. she haf got to go wrk le.
hugged like. in the middle of the train station=p haha!!

i cant tell u.

and ann!!
i'll miss u ahh!!
will prolly go look for u at flutes @ the fort sometime.


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