HAPPY 46th BDAY TO MY DAD!!!!!!!!

lol. went over to NYNY for dinner and i gta say the food rocks!!!
(though the ambiance is totally crappy!!!)

i had~ some prawn and roasted chicken thing.
it was awesome!! yer. it's a huge portion but le trash receptacle aka my lil brothers managed to gobble it all down!! haha!!

i wna go back!!!

so u may be wondering abt the presents.....
and i did a lil DIY thing for him..
got a photograph frm whn i was ard. 5. and glued some stuff on it. haha! it's a wonder he didnt tear at all=p

i'm pretty mean eh. haha

the cake was awesome!! and of course!! utterly sinful.
*** trying v v v v hard not to think abt the sugars i've ingested):


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