French 101


haha. french. french french french french french. i can totally die now thank you very much. i mean. yes. i know french is a superbly difficult language to learn (that's why french speaking people are so exclusive) but. does it haf to be THAT difficult?!

for god's sake. the letter "W" is pronounced as freakin "dubla vay" yes i know!!!

still. i know that i'll perservere and ta da!! i can go "pa hee" someday. haha. i know. that's how Paris is prononced. owell. it was major fun and my lecturer is just so so cute!! sigh.

but i wouldnt mind if thierry henry was my french tutor instead.

YUMM. haha.

ok. i gta go catch on my beauty sleep. take care!!!

ciao ciao!!!

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