sat and sun.

cant belive it's so late now!! haha owell

saturday of my life:

went clarke quay with my mom and dad, haha!!
brothers ALL at camp(:
feels gd to be onyl child for these few days lo=p

1st up; we looked for a great makan place and turns up; it's not even good.
ok. the food it yummy.. but.
a dinner for 3 and the bill's like- $126 or smt.
i had a glass of apple juice and
whoa~ it's 5.50 per glass lo!!!!
rich or not. honestly.. it's..
too much le ba..

look at the cup of tea./. haha it's some
fancy- shmancy tea.. and the auntie was lyk:
$8 一粒
knowing my dad; he went to ask her to bring the yee li. and guess wht?!!
it's lyk.
the size of a vodka cap! so so tiny!!!
( and i only said vodka cos my eyes chanced upon the glass cabinet full of wine. anyhow.)

but the coffee pai gu was yummy!! though it's a bit overpowering. ahaha.

so after the shock=p haha! we three went for a lil walk and there're so many things to see!!! haha! i love the ppl watch. so it's fun for me la.... then this water fountain is fabb!!! i feel lyk a tourist!! haha! the kids are just. happily screeching and screaming their hearts out, dashing across the water spouts..

the lil blonde hair blue eyed girl is so so cute!!! haha!!!
managed to snapped this (blurry) pic of her..

then we saw this clinc bar!!
haha can u see the hospital bed side partitions?!! haha!!
even the waiters are dressed in hospital scrubs!!
obviously, being the superstitious. traditional chinese ppl..
my parents were like:
"huh?!!! what is this?!!!" haha!
while i was happily snapping pictures..
kinda country bumpkin lo!! haha!

these are the "golden" wheelchairs that serves as seats...

haha ans this picture is found at the washrooms and my mom's v tickled by it!! haha! she was like:
"shuxian, ni qu kan na ge ce suo" haha!

then; i gtg make u-turn la!! so funny!!

so the three of us were sitting near the reverse bungy jump thing when.. some ppl crashed our party. haha!!

ya lo.. le amigo.
and swee. haha!

crapping so much and dad also joined in!! haha!!!
v fun ahhh tt's whn my dad was lyk
"go haagen daz ba"
i thought i didnt catch him correctly la!!! haha!!!!!

ooh. and i brought the guys to look at the waitress in hooters bar!! haha!!
they all wearing orange hot pants!!!!!!
ok la.
tt's bad of me but
i'm still a gd girl!!!
( i think i'm contradicting myself alot.
or i'm typing rubbish.. heh=p
it's lyk. 0300 now. so pardon me yer?!!)

mom and dad got the pleasure platter...

while we four got the fondue... the captain faced the ice cream side
TOWARDS ME!!!! haha!!! he said ladies shd enjoy lo.
lalalalal!!!! ahah!

and we took a big grp photo.. haha
i wna know wht ppl think of us lo
it's lyk.. so many big kids and 2adults.. haha!!!
2bros went camp and i've got 3bros!!! haha!!!

ooh and the waiter
waaa he look lyk utt!!! haha!!!!!!!!
so so.
ok. i'll stop!! haha!

then we sat there.. we saw plenty of stuff ba... but.. i guess i'll. mention it. next time (or maybe not)... v tired ahhh!!!

then. in the end.
the 4of us squeeze into back seat and we went home.. ahahah
home sweet home.....

i'll do abt sunday tml kk?!! yupp..
love love!!
i gta zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
my beauty zzzzzzzzzz!!!
sweet dreams!

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