i'm such a talented cook:D

went to swee's place to haf a lil makan session=p
was gna cook mac &cheese actually.
and sigh. the recipe i've got were all
so not interesting!!

so in the end- we did PASTA!!!!
my fav type of food in the world!!

maybe i've got some italiano blood in me:D
having spoken that in a
last july((:

buon giorno!!


it is so freakin yummy!!!
my 1st dish!!
i though i was gna cry!!

haha; not that much of a drama QUEEN
my 1st actual dish
other than those gag inducing ones we did in
home econs.

so. this is the recipeif u feel hungry now=p

chopped onions
sliced chicken franks
minced meat
olive oil
canola oil
cream of mushroom (1 tin)


1. empty the contents of the soup into a pot

cook till it's cooked

( i really dunno how to phrase it=p)

2. fill a big pot with water

add a teapspoon of canola oil

boil the mixture

then add the required amt of spaghetti & macaroni

keep stiring

7mins l8r- get the spaghetti out

douse it with tap water

3-4min m8r- get the macaroni out

douse with tap water

3. add 3teaspoons of olive oil into a frying pan

add the chopped onions

before it turn brown;

add the chicken franks

when it's turned red

( i know hotdogs are RED. but. u'll see the diff!!)

add the minced meat.

mix the whole thing up

add the noodles in

flip it over again for a couple of mins.

4. voila! a yummy meal!!!!

and dont complain!!!
i know i'm not cut out to write a recipe book!
dont ged confused eh!

good luck!!


haha! see the redness?!
it's become a small boil now=p
i've accidentally touched the metal pan of the handle of the frying pan
but that's ok=p

( not inc. instant noodles and such)

such a great achievement!!
i love myself=p

ooh. and i'll be wrking at billy bombers, the cathay tml!!!!
clap clap.
wish me luck!!!

ps/ i seriously hope that i wouldnt get any scoldings!!!
ahh the shame!!!

love you'all!!!

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