i'm so so much in love...

went out with the guys tdy~ wow. thank god for the thunderstorm.. cos if not, we'll nvr make it to jurong east for 不能說的秘密!!!! arghh!!!!!!!! it was like. super nice!!!!!!!!!

ok, so the trailer isnt tt gd.. but wow. the movie is superb!
it's so aching sweet and sad. hmm
is this wht they call bittersweet? haha
i've heard tt plenty of girls. maybe even guys cry at this movie..
and the guys were lyk-
wa.. v scared shuxian cry/ hehe

i totally didnt!!!!!!!!!!!!
but. it was at the ending... god...
he was playing and the construction ppl demolishing the whole thing.. and
his poor dad.. running to save him.....


how i wish this kinda stuff happened to me/
i'm being stupid. yes. hehe and
i was only joking!

but come to think of it...
the story is fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know i said tt zac efron was so so so HOTTT in hairspray..
zhou jie lun is lyk~
different league ahhh..........

so in the movie.. he's this sensitive artist type..
omg.his fingers are lyk. FLYING ACROSS THE... piano..

oh god. and he;s eyes..............
to my girlfriends in tr21 and 22..
i think y'all know why. haha
i love love mi mi yans!!!

right now.. i;m feeling.. wistfull. oh mann
know wht this goes to show?
love ah... is so so hard to find..
that it rarely happens le...

familiar with this sentece?
happily ever after?

haha. omg... that is lyk.. one in a million.

owell. enuf abt love thing.
i'm shivering wif a frisson of something...

gna jus go back to my daydreaming.

so. chen yu fan and jay chou?
whom shall i pick?!
haha! dont yell at me if i want both!!!!!!!!

ooh. so after that. we went swimming at jurong east complex.
yupp i didnt. i was enjoying the sunshine and reading book ah.
perfect strangers
it's so so sweet... haha

anyhow. these are the pics for the days!!!
i <3 you all!!

swee hao and i(: haha
yupp; not yr imagination.. i was actually zzzz b4 this pic was taken!!

black and white!!!
poor ronn. his face was chopped off! ahahahah.

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