lantern fest. 06'

awww.. i miss my friends. sigh.
2min l8r. it's gna be lantern fest and i miss last year's celebration!!!!

tml. i dont know if i;m gna wrk
cos i dont haf a slot tml and i told my manger i wna wrk.
(cos i;m quitting soon!! haha!)

and. if not. being wif my family would be fun. but boring. in a way..
took out some piccys frm last year andi gta say;
oh gosh!
we've changed so so much.

i miss 4e4!!!

oh crap. i even missed the times we were all mugging together in ms wong's class for emath and amath.
isnt tt just sick?!! haha!

i miss graduation. i miss all my other friends.
( frm bwl and gy too)

i miss my teachers.
i miss my old school.
i miss my seat
i miss homeroom.
i even miss the crappy canteen food=p haha

poly life is great. but. honestly. nothing beats the times when we're growing up..
we may haf some rough patches somewhere. but still.
let bygones by bygones ba;

i love y'all!!!!

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