post exam activity

okok. so i lost 18- flipping- marks in the stupid multi dimensional aspect of the MICE product thing. nvm. totally gone shopping with my girlfriends at marina sq!!

on bus77, yina and esther totally plonk their butts on the seats

while charmaine and i gta suffer by standing on our poor (not so lil) feets.
ok fine~ we sat at the end of 10min when ANOTHER LADY got off.

char went to ged a haircut so we three went to ged the tix for hairspray!!!! it was totally funny!!! not even boring for a minute and of course!!!! zac efron was sooooooooooooooooooooo hotttttttt it made me wna HURLLL by looking at him winking!! ahahahaha!!!!!!
also, i was sharing a disgusting cup of diet coke with esther and sweet and salted box of popcorn with esther... (cos she love sweet flavored but i pref salted ones=p) sighh.. blisss ahhh.. haha!!!!

after that.. omg.. i was singing!!!!!!

or copy and paste this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF8kaYUzGwI

haha!!!! then, of course i banged into esther la. haha!! then frm then on, i KEEP touching her la!!! u know: as in- my hand wud be swinging then she'll touch me. once, i held her hand!! accidentally la!!!! haha!!! then, got static so so so many times lo.. sigh. i'm in love le la.. haha!!

while waiting for char.. we went window shopping and we had so much fun la!!!! taking so many picc THEN the zara assistant gta come and say:" sorry, no photo taking" when i was wearing this hideous skirt pants thing!!!
what?!! would we be so sick as to take pictures of OTHERS changing?!!! haiyo...

so we were super super hungry ( i am super hungry typing this is 3am la!!) we decided to go pizza hut!!! yay to students' meal!!! char gtg lo. so sad....
then we were just fooling ard...
esther had: curry chicken baked rice!( it was yummy! lyk indian food!!)
yina: seafood linguine (it was ok la.. haf got this weird... taste.. till now. i'm salivating le. sigh)
me: baked pasta!!!! (mmmmm!!! my favorite!!! i can totally survive on a diet of pasta!! wahahahah!!!)

and then, esther.. so kindly footed the bill!!!!!!!!! haha as if=p she doesnt haf any small change ma... then yina and i were lyk: THANKS ESTHER!! WE <3 YOU!!! IN FRONT OF THE WAITER!!! haha! he laughed too la. but u can see he was trying not to=p

so while esther was doing the important money matter... yina and i saw santa!!!! haha!!!!

then, with d receipt in hand.. yina wanted to take a big bite of the piece of paper!! super high le la!!!!

as proof: we even, ok fine, i even took a pitcher (<3 spelling this way) in the freakin toilet!!!! haha!!!
omg. sorry yina!! seem to haf tons of yr pic lei!! haha!!!!

wow. this is such a long post.. haha!!!
oh ya!! think i wna go back next friday lo!!! cant wait!!! haha!
later samuel goh dont let us in))))))):

hehe. it's 3:13 now le... think i gg to bed!!!
still very hungry ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweet dreams!


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