i fear...................

okkkk so. i'm too too tired to do this in chinese so i'll just. cheat=p

i feel that i gta do this post for many reasons;
but particularly, it's for those believers out there..
i know tt it's d time of the year now~ yupp; not gna say it right out so obviously.
but i know many ppl, esp those v staunch believers, they refrain frm doing some particular stuff during these period of time!!!

for example:

1. not going to swim; ANYWHR
2. not uttering any "inauspicious words" that's gna "offend" anybody
3. not getting married during this period
4. not rebuilding their house ( landed property)
5. not traveling ovrseas.

and u guys know wht?!!!! actually, my mom planned to go taipei during 31st aug; but then, right after my ah yee told her that it was "not rhe right time", the whole thing was cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my wish

to look at this super pretty iconic 101; gone):

to be part of this fun crowd at shilin; gone too.

sigh. but i guess, it's for the better;
cos guess wht?!!! i did a lil research abt taiwan's culture, and i realised that their processions are lyk, many times more; (freaky?), than singapore's. honestly, i cant find a word to describe! it kinda gif me the creeps and esp i'm writing this at lyk, 1259! alone!!! in the living rm with my back faced to the dining and living rm and (owell, u ged my picture..)


which brings me back to the crux of the question-
sum of all fears.

i'm extremely fearful of bugs. lizards, beetles, cockroaches, moths, huge ants, leeches. i hate them!!!!
lyk just now, i spotted 3lizards in the kitchens and i yelled and rushed to the stairs which is farthest frm the kitchen.
oh god.,
my mom, dad, 2 YOUNGER brothers.. all laughing at me): my dad even poked me lightly in the feet with his car keys which causes me to topple the cup of water which i'm drinking frm that time!!!

and this next part is most extreme:
so u know, according to folklore, moths wud be flying ard pretty often right? yer. so u know wht i did??! i totally shut my rm and toilet's windows at night!!!!! so yer, i'm a lil, suffocated but i dont care!!!! oh crap..

it's not the G_ _ _ _ _ i'm afraid of~ it's d bugs... (cos i can always jolly well sing Jesus loves me this i know, for the Bible tells me so...) EVERY TIME i'm.. imagining stuff..

sigh. i've heard tt d only way to ged ovr my fears, is to "yi du gong du"; but how am i gna face these bugs and not scream?!!!! and the weird part?! i'm on afraid if i see these at home. yer!!! super weird.. sigh.

somebody save me!!!!

ps/ so, i know i know.. this IS a weird post.. but. anyhow,
if u guys have any fears?!! share them on tagg kk?!!!!!!!!! haha!!!! if u dont, i'll be so freakin saddddd. haha


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