girls' day out

decided to go shopping with esther and it was such a spontaneous reaction!! owell- on my part. ahaha.
so obviously.. we both were late... and 1st stop~ WISMA!!!
went f21 to ged jeslin's and my shorts!! woots! it was so so pretty!!!!! haha
and next. we went cotton on a newly launched aussie brand and esther la... went to psycho me to ged cardigan. lalala. i was strong enuf to withstand the temptation!!!!!!! heeh.

kinda forgot wht happened next.. but i know. OHHH
we went guess at takashimaya. haha
the shop was.. OKKKKKK ba.. hehe.
esther the lil devil wna tempt me. again~
so we went zara.
she wanted to find the $89 dress which i love~
thank GOD!!!!! it wasnt there. muahahahaha
but i saw a beeyootiful teal colored tights! OMG. i sosososososo wanted to gedit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

decided tt taka stuff was too classy for our meagre pkt.. went far east lo.. hehe

the 1st thing tt esther wna ged: the freakin cardigan
haha!!!! then she psycho-ed me la..... but.
i told her to walk walk 1st(:

i saw this pretty white almost skinny. and i so so wanted to try. but. the girl there. was lyk:

her: hi, these are skinny jeans.
me: (in my head) yer! obviously la!!! ( then i proceeded to take it off the rack)
her: you want WHITE?!!!!!!!!!! for YOURSELF???!!!!!
me: ( in my head) omg i wna kill her!!!!!!!!! cos she's implying that i'm FATTTTTTTTTTTTTT ARGHHHHH
ok fine i'm fat. so then?!!!!!!!!!! i love white pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh. so i went out lo):

haha. we shopped ard... looking. laughing. haha.
then we both were lyk. salivating whn we went passed hans.. cos esther was lyk~ OREO CHEESECAKE................
han's has got lyk the best yam cake la!
it sounds gross but it isnt lo(:

owell. we decided to go off le. but. bcos we're hungry(:
we went mac cafe... yummy!!!!!!

obviosusly mademmoseille( wrong spelling) hid her face again. sigh.
omg!!! how can i get her to NOT hide lei?!!! ):

this is an unglam pic of me eating my unglam mcflurry. ahahah!!!

our health snack!! hehe
iced coffee
mc flurry

haha after taking this blurry pic, this cool. native american LIKE guy was lyk~ you want me to help?!! ahaha.

wanted to act touristy.. so decided to take some pictures. and guess wht?!!!! haha. the sbs bus came by... haha!

so this is the view.. isnt singapore so pretty?! hehe

view on my left... nike and mango!!! haha i've gone mad!! love my n73!!

and so we gta take 132 back to amk.... den esther was lyk~ omg! this time board thing is so cute!!! haha. i was lyk.. too shocked to say anything... esther mam!!! u ahhh!!! haha

so on bus.. i took a pic of our shopping!! haha!! tdy no more changing rm pics!!!

haha went to look for jobs.. sigh. all. no hope la... den. we went to this ktv like place~ dont scream!! haha! but the place is so pretty! so posh!! haha! scarlett city.. hehe.. they're gna call us... this is in one of the karaoke rms...

so.. mommy didnt cook): so. this is my dinner!! wahahah!! this whole tray of sushi!!! yummy!!! ok la. of course! i did eat my apple(: hehe.
an apply a day keeps the doctor away!! lol!

while watching an old rerun of ugly betty on star world.. haha! think it's the 1st episode lo!!!!!!!!

and...... was doing this post whn my mom came home
we're going to japan for the xmas hols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tokyo and osaka, here i come!!!!!!!!!!

shinsaibashi.. osaka's shopping district,. honestly. i;m gna faint!!! haha

uh huh.. disney land... kinda ironic. tt i;m gg there whn i'm 17!!? haiyo. but. think i'll loev it ah! haha!

and maybe.. gna see a geisha!! woots! haha! they're so exotic lo!!!!!!!!!!!!

esther, yina, shirley, dickson and etc.... wahahahahah
i'm gna take jap lesson frm u all le!!!!!!!! haha!
cos the only think i know is-
ga suki desu(: haha!!!
i'll prolly use tt on a jap hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow. this is a long post(:
love u all!!

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