Not The End, Just The Start of Something New.

Yes, many of you would probably notice; that I've hopped from blog to blog; but there are reasons; for doing so. 

So, yes, the purpose of me, writing this post; is to redirect you; to a brand new blog; that I've been thinking about, for a really long time. 

So, please do me a favour, by changing your bookmarks, links; and stuff; to the NEW ONE HERE

Why the sudden change, and other questions you may have; would most probably be answered there; but I guess, change is... Good; and for the better; in this case. But, don't say I didn't warn you; the welcome post on the other one is pretty... Awesome. (Rather long, actually!)

I'm definitely going to miss PIXIEOFTB, obviously; as I've had it since I was 17; but, oh well, we'll see where the next one brings us. 


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