V&A Museum, Hummingbird Bakery & The Ritz.


1) The Victoria & Albert Museum; It certainly lived up to its name! I've thoroughly enjoyed all three hours spent in it;
2) Loved looking at the sculptures; there's something calming and therapeutic when you're staring into the smooth white marbles planes.
3) Loved the Textiles gallery too; where I could pull out shelves after shelves of vintage French lace and old, old Chinese embroidery.
4) However, I loved the Theatre & Performance gallery best! The costumes on display were absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me of the Christian Lacroix exhibition I went to years ago in Singapore; and this did not disappoint either! Of course; there was a hands-on section; and we went crazy; putting on the outfits and pretending that we were a sorcerer, a jester; the likes. 
5) Was walking from the V&A to the Hummingbird Bakery when we saw this carousel in a church; there's something magical about the little horses that goes up and down and up and down; and of course; who could resist those bright lights?! (Yes, I loved carousel rides when I was little!)
6) Winnie (from Diamond Canopy) and I planned to visit this charming bakery when we were to meet in London; but thanks to the weather; we had to cancel! (Couldn't risk her getting stuck on her train! Snow isn't that great after all huh!) However; I still went to the bakery with the guys and it was great! The array of cakes on display were stunning and I was like a little girl in a candy store! I couldn't choose just one item to take out!
7) Harrison is such a big fan of Arsenal's that he had to drag us all the way down to see Emirates Stadium. Mind you, it was absolutely freezing and the wind was blowing and there were tons of steps to climb! However, it was definitely worth it as his face lit up like a Christmas Tree when he saw the entrance and boy, did he spend, in the souvenir shop!
8) As a Christmas treat, Harrison brought me for dinner at the Ritz's and it was amazing! The hotel and restaurant were absolutely stunning! The interior was so beautiful; and the... things on the table were so exquisite, I was afraid to use them; look at the colours on that gorgeous teacup! Of course; there was nothing to complain about the service! It was impeccable!
9) The absolutely amazing Seared Salmon and Halibut which I've had for the night;
10) Wearing a H&M dress; which I've bought specially for the occasion; and New Look shoes.


  1. Great pics! :) I really love that full pink skirt on display. Food looks yummy as well.

  2. Wow! The pictures of the galleries are amazing... and dinner at Ritz sounds awesome ;)


  3. Wow you packed in so much during your stay. Glad you liked the V&A and so jealous you went to the Ritz! The food and decor looks rather swish, need to save my pennies...

  4. Oh wow, you look so beautiful in the pictures from the Ritz, what a lovely treat from your boyfriend!

    So sad I didn't get to eat cakes with you at the hummingbird but the cakes are amazing aren't they? Glad your brothers and boyfriend enjoyed it too!

    You did so much during your stay and I totally get what you mean in the lace library area, there is so much to see right? All your pics in this post look amazing.

    I received your parcel today! Thank you so much! It totally made me smile when I received it today. I can't wait till you receive yours!!!

  5. amazing photos! omg you know that dress, is it from the ballet russes? please say it is haha :) love your blog following

    hope you'll visit/follow

  6. ah thanks for the lovely comment! aha i'm not a fan, it's just that we have to do a project on it and we need to find some costumes. do you possibly know any information on that particular dress? and aww, that bun i put my hair into was at least my 10th attempt and it still wasn't perfect lol

  7. Beautiful pics, the food looks delicious!

    Thanks for your lovely comment! Your blog is amazing, you're a talented photographer. :)
    xoxo from Sweden!


Thanks for your comments(: Really do appreciate all of them! xx