Dimsums, Tate Modern & Harrods Food Hall.

1100     Wanted to have dimsum today; but we went out too early; had a quick snack at a HK         
             bakery first; as we were absolutely starving!
1200     And finally, our dimsum spread! Siew-mai; chicken feet & glutinous rice galore;
1300    On the way to the Tate Modern, passed by St. Paul's; we were absolutely awe struck!
View of St. Paul's & the Tate Modern from the Millennium Bridge
Going for the Hobo look; with a thick chunky sweater, maxi skirt and beat up boots;
1400     Tate Modern; what I came for- The Unilever Series: Ai Wei Wei
I love the symbolism behind the use of sunflower seeds; and how each and every one of these seeds; more than hundreds of millions of these; were handmade and painted by skilled artisans in China. The money these villagers received in turn were definitely a great help for them!
1500     Where I sat gazing at Claude Monet's Water Lilies, Philip Guston's The Return and
             Gerhard Richter's Material Gestures;
I did not spend a lot of time at the Tate, but these works were a few of my favorites; the use of the colors were extremely captivating; and I especially love; the reason why Richter made his Venice Women sculptures as skinny as a piece of spaghetti.
1600     Harrods Food Hall
I've never seen eggs that come in purple, green, yellow, pink and orange cartons;
1700     Dinner at Caffe Concerto;
Yummiest, and creamiest Broccoli Soup;
Hot Duck and Pear Salad; One of the best salads I've ever had; The duck was cooked to perfection; the greens and pears were so crunchy and fresh; Would really recommend this restaurant if you are in the area; it's got a lovely ambiance, great service and the food is just marvelous! 

88-90 Kensington High Street
W8 4SG
T 0844 335 8403
1800     Walking to the Victoria & Albert Museum
And so after dinner, Harrison & I decided to make our way to the V&A Museum; as the Lonely Planet stated that the museum will be opened till 10pm on Wednesday! We took our time, shopping for magazines, warm woolly sweaters; and then we realised; the V&A is closed! Yes, we did feel pretty stupid at that point in time...
1900     Harrods Pet Kingdom, L7
Thanks to extended Christmas shopping hours; Harrison & I decided to go back to Harrods. We went straight up to the Pet Kingdom as neither of us have any use (or rather, £££,) for expensive gowns, suits and shoes; and still, we were blown away when we saw diamond/gems encrusted collars, actual fur coats for dogs and £200 doggy leashes on sale. Not wanting Kobe & Nono to feel left out back home, we bought them the run of the mill Harrods saucers and some £10 doggy treats and grooming brushes. It was definitely a crazy half hour in there for us. Hah.

That's all I have for now; actually no, I'm lying; I've got tons of photos saved on my laptop, but not enough time to do a post! Every night; I fall asleep at around 9+, without fail!  It's annoying, actually; but I can't help but feel so drowsy! So, as it's Christmas today, and all the shops are closed, I took the opportunity to do another A Picture An Hour post and I think it turned out to be pretty fab;p Anyway, have a Merry Christmas everyone; hope you're having a jolly good time where ever you are; xx


  1. Look at all that yummy food! Looks like you had a great time :) Happy Christmas!

  2. Such yummy foods!!!!! Yumyumyum. Merry Christmas by the way! ;) Hope it rocks!


  3. your pictures are seriously so captivating! i love it ;D just wanted to stop by and say merry christmas!

  4. Amazing photos, I love Dimsum!

  5. bestie!!! <3 nice post :)) misses!

  6. glad that you had fun in london!! yeah definitely go to hyde park! they have this winter wonderland and it is amazing!! thanks so much for dropping by :) im now following ya :) wanna follow back? ;) big kisses! XXX


  7. Oh yummm! The food at Harrods looks amazing :)

  8. So nice to see your perspective on London, where did you have dim sum?

  9. Your photos look fab Ellie! The dim sum looks awesome too, looks like you went to somewhere authentic in China town? They're all my favourite things too. Yum!!

    Hope you had a gorgeous new year in Paris too. I can't wait to see your posts on it! I really really wish I could have met you that day in London. Seriously, I will definitely meet you one day!

  10. Looooove the food! Happy new year!

  11. every single photo in this post is beautiful. i wish i can fit in your pocket so i can tag along!


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