Sometimes, All We Need Is Black, White & Shades of Grey.

Photography by Harrison T.

I'm a huge fan of black and white photographs and Harrison's camera is somewhat like a treasure trove for me. He don't really show me what he had taken during the day, so it's only when I've uploaded the pictures onto my laptop, that I realized how beautiful, are some of the pictures he had taken! (My favourites are that of the man going down the Underground in Trafalgar Square, the stairs at Urban Outfitters, the pigeon taking flight, and of course, that of the train!) Though these are essentially b/w; I've never felt that London's looked more beautiful. We were really lucky to be in London;  because the beautiful architecture, the weather, all provided a stunning backdrop for these pictures. I just simply, can't stop staring at them! (I'm scrolling my mouse up and down and up again, many times; obsessive compulsively!)

On a side note; the second last photo is of my youngest brother eating a nutella + banana crepe at the St. Pancras Railway Station. We absolutely loved his Zara jacket; but what so note-worthy about this is that; we've checked out the price of this jacket at the Zara in Oxford Street and it is only retailing for £99?! We've got it for close to $290 back home; and that is actually, probably about the time when I've really started to keep my eyes opened for some Zara goodies! 

PS/ Had to add in the shot of Westminster Station with Big Ben in the background because Harrison kinda just told me that it was his favorite shot, (because of Big Ben) ;p Owell. It's his photos(:

Blazer & Scarf (Zara - Unfortunately I've got them in SG), Hooded Scarf (American Apparel), Oxford Booties (Bershka) 


  1. Stunning photos. Black and white photography really brings out the power of expression within each photo.

  2. I agree - great photographs! beautiful!


  3. Beautiful photos! My favourites are the bird and the train.

  4. Lovely photos. I've only visited London, but it's a neat city!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  5. Oh wow, you're so so right. Harrison's photos are amazing! He has quite the eye for a picture. I know I keep saying it but I so wish I could have met you both! You are both so cute :)

  6. Hey sweetie! Dont listen to boys ;) They dont know anything! Haha! The pentax slr is great cause it has a automatic setting aswell so just point and shoot away! not hard at all <3

  7. I love the one with the bird flying, its so great!

  8. Great photos! I especially love your scarf! I have one like that and I wear it every day!

  9. LOVELY photo set Ellie :)

  10. b&w photography is an art! love these photos you took! i was just in London for Christmas and new years! and the chanel photos are lovely! she's such an inspiration!

  11. nice photo set, love your maxi skirt/sweater outfit :).

    Girl Meets Handbag

  12. Beautiful black and white photography! I really love the Coco Chanel shots above! xoxoxoo

  13. Beautiful look! I love the black and white!

    juliet xxx

  14. I definitely do not mind you posting the Chanel shots - I'm really glad you were inspired by my post. It was super nice of you to link me in your post! x

  15. Ahh glad you posted more photos, I love the picture of the train and you outside the V&A. It's great to look back at your pictures on a laptop screen and realise the moments you managed to capture.

  16. So pretty! Number 15 and 17 are my favourites!


Thanks for your comments(: Really do appreciate all of them! xx