All In A Day's Work.

1) A delicious glass of Cafe Almond Roca all by myself at Blue Mountain Cafe / 313. Catching up on my London Guidebook at the same time; I can hardly wait!
2) Absolutely in love with Uniqlo; How is it possible that they have so many things I love in there?!
3) Dinner at Ramen Play / J8 with Audrey & Esther. How I love spontaneous dates! <3
4) Maybe it's China, or maybe I've had enough of feeling ill after having coffee and tea; but I've ordered a Pepsi Light for dinner; A first!
5) A yummy Tonkatsu Ramen; with Dangoes, Gyozas and Misoyaki sides;
6) This is a fairly new, standalone building; and I love what they've done with this space; love the woodsy accents on the walls;
7) Was at the cashier when I spotted this; I just couldn't resist!
8) Isn't this the sweetest carousel?
9) Urban Outfitters Truly Madly Deeply Scoopneck Tee, Uniqlo Jeans, New Look Suede Shoes, F21 Teddy Necklace
10) Organic Chamomile Tea given by my brother's girlfriend; And the cutest, underwater camera ever!


  1. Heyy thanks for dropping by my blog. Firstly, I ADORE your banner! It's gorgeous. And your blog content is even better, hooked at first sight! I'm a follower now ;)

  2. Wow, the view is amazing in those pictures... and you look gorgeous in that slouchy sweater!

    PS: Thanks for the lovely comment you left in my blog, you're a sweetie! And I love your blog :) You got a new follower in me! Hugs!


  3. These are SO MUCH FUN! What a wonderful day!!!


    come back to visit soon :) I know i will!

    xoxo Summer

  4. You seriously eat the best food. How sweet of your brother's girlfriend to give you that tea. The camera is the cutest too!


Thanks for your comments(: Really do appreciate all of them! xx