3/12 + 5/12 Food Diary

Friday's Dinner at Watami Ion; 
Met up with Shuxian, Joel, Zixuan & Fengyuan; whom the latter thought I was going to be staying for an extended period of time in Hainan, thanks to a very misleading text from Joel! It was pretty funny, looking at his facial expression when he realised that I was only going for a short trip;p
The queue was a pain; we had to wait for 20mins for a table, (no reservations taken!) and when we finally got our table, we had to wait for another 20mins before all our food is served. Still, I loved this restaurant; maybe because Harrison & I had our first date in Taipei last year in Watami too;p Absolutely loved my Beef Bibimbap; personally, I could see no wrong with this dish; and I can't visualize having Korean Hot Pot with anything; other than beef; yes, I know my friend had the Salmon one; but even he said it was 'so-so'; Shuxian had the Cheese Gratin and it was amazing! It is definitely the right choice for anyone who loves their cream & cheese; and that layer of tomato fried rice under it is perfect! 

Sunday's Dinner at Kim Gary Tampinese Mall;
Met up with Belle, Elizabeth & Jeslin; whom I haven't met in ages! So dinner was definitely awesome! I've forgotten how much we could chatter about everything and anything! It's pretty amazing how we could all sit in that booth for close to three hours, only pausing to eat/drink! My glass of Yuan Yang is... Unforgettable; because I'll never forget how sick I got after mixing my coffee and tea together; and that Ribena Freeze which Belle & Liz ordered was absolutely delicious! (I'd definitely have that the next time!) My bowl of Kimchi Ramen was absolutely yummy; (and a huge serving!) And Belle & Jeslin's Beef Curry was too! There was a long wait for this dish; but it smells absolutely absolutely wonderful and thinking about the beef now is enough to make my mouth water! (It is really, really good!) 

Okay, so that is all I have for now; but trust me; I have tons to blog about, and so very little time! Have to haul my lazy ass from bed now if I want to make it for my 2:30 appointment at Browhaus! Hello to beautiful brows again! xx

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