The Skinny on Skinny.

Met up with the girls last Monday; for what was supposed to be a birthday celebration; but I guess the joke was on us as the Birthday Girl couldn't make it! Yes, I guess we were to blame as we were organizing it in secret; without informing the Birthday Girl of the date in advanced; but oh well, we figured we could still hang out and make full use of that dreary Monday. As we were a little sick of the usual HK Cafe that we would frequent; thanks to Audrey, we went to a different restaurant that day. And it was definitely the right move.

Skinny Pizza is definitely the place to go; if you are sick of the run of the mill Pizza Hut creations. Not only is there a wider selection of pizzas; one thing notably different about those at Skinny Pizza are the crusts! It is wafer thin; but it definitely packs a punch without that huge chunk of flour at the side. We tried the Wild Truffled Mushroom Pizza and the Meatball Bolognese Pizza that day; and it is definitely my kind of thing. The generous serving of greens on the pizza made me feel extremely healthy; like I was having a salad with my carby meal; and it was definitely a great combination. And I really have to stress; that with the crunchy and tasty base; the delicious and exotic toppings and sauce; it is value for money; and a must try; especially if you've had those thick; chunky Hawaiian Delights for years. Other than the pizzas; we've also ordered a side of Chicken Bratwurst and Truffle Fries. Both certainly did not disappoint; the bratwurst was amazing; it was greasy, and it had all the right aroma and taste; no thanks to the herbs in the bratwurst. It was the first time I had Truffle Fries; and it was... Alright; though I couldn't help thinking that the fries were a tad skinny. And at $7; I felt the pinch; though we were all splitting the bill.

The desserts were amazing.
All six of us got different desserts and when the goodies came; it was almost like we were playing pass the plate; we got a taste of each others' desserts and every single one of them were equally amazing. Maybe I've got a sweet tooth, and I'm definitely biased towards sweet creations; but trust me on this; if you've got the time and money; you should really find a way to try each and every one of the desserts on the menu.

I've ordered the Lemon Cake; and right from the first bite; I was transported to the time where I ordered the Lemon Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory in Chicago. It tasted exactly like the one at Cheesecake Factory- It was rich; tangy and absolutely a delight. I could almost taste it in my mouth; as I was typing this paragraph. Needless to say; that particular dessert is my favorite; and I would go back again; just for the Lemon Cake.

I realised that I've been doing more and more foodie posts (which was a lot of fun to do!) and I'm truly thankful that I've got an awesome family and a great group of friends; that I can dine with and have a great time together, which I could later blog about. I have a sneaky suspicion that even if I'm at a Hawker Centre or even McDonald's; I could have the ability to churn something blogworthy up! Great food; and an awesome company definitely go hand in hand together.

Skinny Pizza
Wheelock Place Singapore
501 Orchard Road #03-04 
Tel: +65 6235 7823

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