If You Can't Go To New York; Bring New York To You!

Broke out of the convention and instead of the usual dinner meet ups in town; I had a blast with some of my favorite people at Universal Studios Singapore((:

One of my favorite things about USS is their replica of NEW YORK CITY! Although it's nothing on the actual thing; I felt stupidly nostalgic when I saw the fire escapes, geyser coming up on the surface of the road; and some of the "landmarks" like the Atlas statue at Rockefeller and the Public Library.

Ramen Play was value for money; the fireworks at the end of the evening was even better (sans the ash that rained on us!); But the company was obviously the best!
I loved all the chit-chats, catch ups; and the cam whore sessions were the icing on the cake; thanks to the self timer function;
I don't know what is in store for us when school starts; but I guess we'll just have to cherish the present!

Love you girls always ♥♥♥

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