Having Kobe at home, is indeed, a very different experience.
Of course, we're all super responsible, afterall, we've got to be the main caretaker, of the little one.

He pees and poops like nobody's business, and of course, when he's naughty, he'll miss his aim;
And, again, we've got to be the ones to clean up after him.

But I guess, no one in our family is really regretting our decision.

Even my mom and dad, they are in love, or at least, falling in love, with the baby of the family.
Every morning, without fail, I'd notice my Daddy, calling out to him; and patting him, just like he would to a child;

And my Mom, I guess some of you had bear witness, to how she always calls me and give me little updates of Kobe, and she always, always complete with,


Really, I was just telling Esther at Ion that, next time, should I have a child, I will not want my mom to take care of it; hah; I can really imagine how she will call me at odd hours to tell me that my princess is eating, or not; pooping, burping and what not!


Kobe's really a blessing and a JOY, really(:

Of course, it's annoying at times; but as Ley put it; whenever she looks at his super cute puppy eyes; that's enough to melt her heart. And mine(:

Loveyou baby:D:D

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