Report Deadlines.

Due tomorrow; Individual Report on Green Marketing in the Hotel Industry.

Rushing to try finish it; at least so I'll get some sleep tonight.
Long day tomorrow.
SQTR lecture, series of lectures, Open House activities to do, filming to be done.

It's really, truly, January now.
3 January in fact.

This entire month, will just, zoom past in no time.

And then, it will be February.

I'll be 20 soon!
BIG 2-0!

And then it will be graduation.

I was thinking about O's; how at 16, we were cramming and mugging so much; to attain that Cert;
It was the most arduous, most stressful period of our lives.
But yet, most fun!

Let's work hard together guys;
Work hard, play just as hard.

Our top priorities are definitely school/academic related.
And so are the friendship forged.

People say, that Poly friends, are more than likely, fair weather friends.
But I'm thankful, that, for me, it isn't.
The friendship forged, are so precious,
and I'm glad, I've finally learnt what it meant, to be dependent on someone else.
And that I need not be as strong, as independent.

You know who you are; thanks for being here for me.
No matter when it's rain or shine, or thunderous.
(even when there's a typhoon/earthquake; literally *winks*)

Some of the relationship forged, are much more than what I've expected;
A surprise, a pleasant, and precious surprise that I'll keep close to my heart.

I truly believe, that there's a reason for everything.
And although we all met by chance,
I'm glad that, I've got a chance to have fun, to have a great time with all of you,
I'm glad that I've got a chance, to learn from all of you.
I truly believe, that I've changed, after coming to Poly, and some people that I've known, can vouch for that.

Thanks for growing with me.
Thanks for being here with me.
And thanks, for being here, for me. When I needed all your love and hugs the most.

"You lifted me up when i could not lift up myself, you made me smile when i forgot how to, you were there for me in my times of need and you were there for me when I needed nothing at all."

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  1. jiayou shux! :) we'll go thru the remaining 8wks tog, and of cos, remain friends forever ((:


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