New Year, New Beginnings/

"Fully understood, the concept of {New year, New beginnings}; I would just wish for joy and happiness; it's always the simplest things, that are the hardest to attain..."

This was a little something, that I had posted onto facebook.
Indeed, it is so true. Somethings, that are so simple, are the hardest to attain.

I guess, it's hard to be truly happy, truly satisfied, cos, we just have too many needs and wants...
We constantly crave,
For something new, something different; once we've attained it; we have a new desire...

I digress, it wasn't what I wanted to blog about initially.

I just felt that, since it's a brand new year;
ENOUGH, with these, super emo posts;
My blog used to be, full of "LOL", "HAHAH" and smiley faces;

I miss that part of me.

My new year resolution;
Is to be happy.
It's just, very emotionally draining;


On a higher note;
This new skin is awesome; cos YOU, are able to comment!:D
I know some of you are like; wondering why didn't I put in a tagboard; so; I guess, this, sort of make up for that!:D

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Lots of love,

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