X Negativity.

Sorry for all the negativity that has been going on in my blog;

My week had been filled up with Kids Church Camp; and it was awesome!

I love having fun, and sharing with them about the true meaning of Christmas...

That it is not just about feasting, Christmas trees, lights, presents and definitely not about, Santa;
But about Jesus's birthday!

Gabriel; Gabe, with me; while we were out for the Amazing Race! He's 6 this year, and super cute!

Josiah, during craft, during one of the activities;

The kids just bring a smile to my face sometimes; sure, they may be a mess sometimes, screaming and running all over, especially after lunch; and the words they use sometimes,

My GROUP! "Undying Love!"- A name they picked for themselves;
From left; Issac, Rachel, Josiah, Vicky, Amanda, Paulus, ME:D

But they're just adorable; and you know that they love you entirely, no strings attached; though some may pester you for cookies and sweeets when they see you!

Doing a jump shot, for a 500point bonus at one of the Amazing Race stations;

From left; Supriya, Gabe, Ryan, Jireh, Johanna and Kiara(:

Aw, they're lovely!

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