Okay; Well, it's only the REUNION DINNER! (There are too many pictures! LOL! Shall save them for some other day! Actually, I think I'm just, plain lazy!!)

Went over to Hotel Royal for dinner together with my gran(:

It was GREAT!

Jason + Gran!


My little brother and I!

One of the best things about CNY is the amount of good food you are eating! HAHA! It's kind of like; Christmas isnt it?((:

I love love! The yusheng(:
Used to hate it when I was little; but now, I've come to appreciate the veggies, cookies, sauces, and salmon, all found in the dish!

** I CAN TOTALLY! Imagine Esther's face! HAHAHA

Another dish which we ALL loved! Was the shark's fin + chicken;

To say that it is good; is totally, cheapening this dish!!
It's SO unlike from your usual, shark's fin which is made from starch and crab meat; with a few strands of fin;

This dish, is a signature of the restaurant! AND! Really, I know it's sinful, consuming this, and the poor sharks etc~ BUT! REALLY!

We don't consume any old shark's fin dish anymore; cos the taste of the chicken stock; and the abundance of fin, and the, texture is enough to make my mouth water; again, just by describing it. HAHA!

It's THAT good! Trust me! It's kinda like, tasting a superb steak from Outback's you don't ever wna try those coffee shop steaks (or cow remains?!) anymore! REALLY!

Quan getting a big mouthful!

So, yes, the rest of the meal paled by comparison; HAHA!

BUT THE DESSERT IS GOOD! I love this! So sorry; I have no idea what this White Fungus dessert is called! But it's good!


After dinner; we popped by to Far East Flora and the flowers were all gorgeous:D:D I THINK! Other than SUNFLOWERS:D:D My favourite would be ORCHIDS(: And ROSES(: As, cliche as it is!

THIS IS JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND I love the vibrant colours!
(HEH! Wasn't this a good shot?!((: I TOOK IT! HAHA!)

OKAY! So! That's all I'm going cover now((: Others! Soon enough! PLEASE BE PATIENT! ((:


Saw this house; or rather, mansion/ villa/ bungalow at the top of the hill; it's just SO! Wow; Okay; imagine that we're NOT in SG; it would be so so awesome to live in a house like that!!





妳 靠著我的肩膀
妳 在我胸口睡著
像這樣的生活 我愛妳 妳愛我



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