So many things to blog about; so little time!
Well; I'll just start with my lovely ex CG!
(Some of you would have already seen these pictures on Facebook!)

Met up with the girls at NYNY @ City Link and it was so much fun!
We ordered 2 big platters of food and just had a blast! Catching up, laughing and taking tons of crazy pictures!
(That would be the job of both Jeslin and I)

Our favorite of the evening would be the Cotton Candy(:
We were basically hounding the servers to bring us our huge, individual lump(: In which we could savor in joy(: HAHA

As we had some scraps of food left on the platter; we decided to finish it all with the Number Game; in which we each have to choose a number and the final person who guessed the correct amount would have to eat something OFF the platter!

We ended off with Jeslin; who had to eat this lump of chicken WITH; Brace yourself:

Peanut Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Mashed Potato Sauce
Vanilla Ice Cream

SERVED! In the crab's shell!

LOL! It was HEINOUS! And I was the Mastermind! HAHA! SO! BEWARE!(((:

Shux + Scrap of Food = HEH!

And afterward; Liz and Christine had to finish the LEMON!
(In which we pronouce as Leh-Moun)
HAHA! Liz JUST LLURRRVE the sour citric acid which was no fun;
BUT Christine's pictures were a LAUGH! HAHA





From LEFT!
Ruth, Christine, Emily, Jeslin, Elizabeth & I

I LOVE Escalator PICS((:

Went over to Raffles City as Christine wanted to get her Roxy purse; BUT IT WAS CLOSED!
Went to the loo and darling Liz, the Meister of Cam Whoring HAD to rope Emily and I in!:S

LOL! But she was REALLY! good at this! HAHA

BELLE-A! You've got to come along the next time!!!!!!

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