My condolences to the families of Ms. Lo Hwei Yen;

Growing up in Singapore, we never know the actual dangers which are lurking outside our safe haven and even after 911 and all the Bali Bombings, we always tell ourselves,

"It's impossible for this to happen to Singapore," or

"Why worry?"

This lady was a promising lawyer, practising in Singapore and she was was in Mumbai for a 1 day conference, and yet, it was most unfortunate that she was taken hostage in her own hotel.

Ms. Lo isn't the first hostage to be taken by terrorists; nor was she the first one killed.

But, she was the first, Singaporean to die such a cruel death, and my hearts just go out for her; in her last hours and to her husband of 1 year, and her family...

I've always believed that violence, and of COURSE; terrorism, never solve anything.. And it is indeed sobering to note that, more attacks, more hostages, would be taken in the future...

Let's just, take a moment, to reflect on our lives, and ask ourselves,

If I were the one in Ms. Lo's shoes, would I have already impacted someone's life? Would I have regretted, not doing SOMETHING! Be it, telling a loved one, how much you love them, telling someone, you've forgiven them...

If the answer is a meek, "yes", let's sit up, and do something about it...

Before it is too late.

We always pride ourselves on the fact that; we're YOUNG, we're only 18! 19! 20!, TIME IS ON OUR SIDE!

Truth is, time is never on our side; we ARE the ones who have to run and keep up with it...

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