Jem got me to go to Arsenal vs Man U Match and I'm SO GLAD I WENT!

Their club was at Elizabeth Hotel and it was hosted by Modestos; yes, the FABULOUS Italian restaurant! (You bet I tried their pasta; it was AWESOME!)

So; the Gunners supporters ARE CRAZY. Seriously. LOL they're screaming and yelling and you should have heard what they shouted when Rooney came on;

Waste of Mooney; I think. LOL! He still looks like Shrek in my opinon, And Ronaldo IS SO not good looking; but we've come to the consensus that he looks like Ken; as in Barbie& Ken; who have had plastic surgery and fake tan=p HAHAH



ARSENAL WON! 2-1!!! OMGG. It was so FRIGGIN excited. I saw the 1st goal and. Yer. IT WAS INSANE!!!!!!!!!

NASRI! You're the MAN!
He makes scoring looks so. Effortless!!!!!

We, The Gunners Supporters at Half Time=p

Dickson& I (He's full time Chelsea though)

JEM!! + Serena((:

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