OKAY; This was SUPPOSED to be up on 29 Oct; But due to some stuff with Miss Ley; I only got to do it today((:

I was supposed to donate blood today; at the NP Blood Donation Drive but I had to go halfway when I realised I would be late for meeting Esther:/ Owell; I'll have to go back again on Friday; when I would have to go through everything; Again:S


But I had my darling Shirley with me:D:D
SHE was a laugh! Although she was ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

LOL; the word: Absolutely.

I digress; But I just found out that Shanghainese pronounce it as

Ah- Be- Se- Lu- Te- Ly

Geez. I almost died laughing. HAHAHA


So back to Shirley. She took TONS of pictures. And 8 out of 10 of them are AWFUL. But she ADORED them!
Click to go see those horrendous images of me! She's got the exclusive pictures I would say? LOL

Here's a video of Ley though;
Of her showing off her mighty boobies. HAHAHA


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