Last Friday, Esther, Char & I made our way down to the Old Supreme Court next to Padang to attend the Singapore Biennale 2008. I got to admit; we didn't go down on our own accord; but rather for a SPM tutorial in which we have to immerse ourselves in; and appreciate arts.

We surprised ourselves by staying till late and had actually finished viewed all the exhibits! It was so much fun and personally, it had opened my eyes to the different art forms around and made me realise than art can be almost anything; not only drawings/ paintings on canvas!

The following are some of my favourite exhibits:

Xteriors I, II, IV, VIII, 2001- 2007
Desiree Dolron

I loved how the artist had managed to capture such a perfect shot and I honestly have gotten goosebumps when I stared hard at the haunting eyes of the models.

The colours used by Dolron were extremely rich and together with the darkness and depth which I presume were achieved through playing of lights, these gives the models an ethereal, almost real life look.

Black Monday, 2008
Single Channel Video
Sergio Prego

I hated this video initially but after a while. I was enthralled by the vivid images! Prego actually came up with the idea to capture image stills of an explosion resulting from a flare and thus, he'd successfully captured blocks of smoke and the music and lighting just seemed to make you crave for more.

Bachelor, The Dual Body 2003
Ki- Bong Rhee

This is my absolute favourite exhibit. To the uninitiated, this may be as simple as throwing a text into an aquarium filled with water. However it is important to know and appreciate the idealogy behind this installation.

Rhee had used a classic Philosopy text from Western Europe and the water is actually a medium to keep the book suspended; almost in midair and the dancing motions of the book and of the pages suggests the culture of the Europeans in which in logical thinking, they are always fun and light hearted!

Guides have also suggests that this installation shows the bewilderness of the Europeans towards the future; especially in recent times with so much uncertainty!

However; putting all the meanings aside; It shouldnt be too difficult to see the beauty of the image one constantly sees in front of themselves; and not be awed by the profound meaning behind this work.


Esther & I decided that we would love to do a video on 2 of the most fun exhibits we've came across and I'll leave you to click on it and listen to why we love them((:

(i) I'm Not Expensive, 2008
Yong Deok Lee

(ii) Blackfield, 2008
Site Specific Installation
Zadok Ben-David


Doing this piece of assignment was fun and I was indeed exposed to many different and fun types of art forms! However; it has shown me that I am honestly missing out in such a self fulfilling experience and it had definitely drawn out my curiosity and interest for the arts(:

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