Had my last paper today!!

AND it was unbelievable~ I mean, for accounting, I didnt manage to balance my Balance Sheet but that was the least of my worry~ REALLY. At least I managed to do everything! Confidently~ In that sense LOL cos I was close to freaking out before the paper. HAHA.

Met up with 8 of the entire E4s, AND IT WAS JUST FAB! The dinner at Kim Gary's was insane and it was just fun~ Almost like back to secondary school with our classes and stuff~

Aw, how I miss that times~ Not to say that I do not love my dearies now; but; it's just. different~ afterall, it's not everytime that the whole class get to stay back together to do intensive math papers and whatnots~


This super cheesy song is for everyone of us; who's missing the good ol' days((: Let's look to the future and have fabber memories together((:

7 letter word for everyone to know~ CHERISH

Cherish whatever and whoever you have now(:

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