today's sunday!! and yes. i;m so guilty i didnt go church)))): oh man
ok; wht's done is done. but at least, i didnt skip church bcos i'm gg shopping but bcos i;m doing my stats.
gosh. it;s ONLY AFTER. i;ve done the qns then i realise how much of a trouble i've got myself into.
yes; though i refer to my notes and

such. but still. it;s hard to

complete one friggin qn))))):

what if i've gta repeat this module?!
oh gosh~
kks. deep breathe~ dont think abt this.

anyhow. my family and neighbor got tdy to do CNY goodies.
it;s such a fab time and wif the radio blasting CNY songs. it;s like.
the mood is all there to make merry!

only friggin ngee ann gta haf our exams during this period!!
so annoying!!!
why cant the students have anything to say about this?!!!
though SP students gta mug for 13wks straight. AT LEAST they're having their HOLIDAYS NOW!!!
PLUS skl reopens in mid april. how fab is thattt?!!!

kks. back to the session;
they kneaded, rolled , mixed and fried.

the young and the old.
all gathering out at the car porch while poor me got stuck in the dining rm. doing my sums))):

kks. fine. i took a couple of breaks, taking pictures and kneading the pastries.
but still~~

this is the end product. and it;s YUMMY!!!
all of it!!
yes. cant haf much though. wont wna get sore throat. since my bday's coming.
i intend to enjoy my 18th bday FULLY.
yes. with adults ard. they sure have much booze. hahahahahahahahahah

i promise i wont get a hang over. OH MAN!!
wna join me?! hahaha

kks. back to HOM (hospitality mgmt) notes.

4days to CNY

11days to HOM PAPER.

what a party pooper.
this is worst than children's day in p6,
where we have to mug for psle.
were we even mugging?!!


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