so, how was CNY for everybody?!
not including the exams stress-

i know my dad and brothers went mad;
playing blackjack all day cash rolling in;
seriously! dont know how could they put in ten, twenty over dollars
JUST WHEN they get an ace wif a jack, queen or king!!

went over to so my relatives' and i had a blast, hanging out wif my cousins and just, playing and goofing around.

i looked like crap. my hair!! haha but lil AZEL is so cute((((((:

watched so many movies within the space of 4days and i was so afraid that my facts would get squeeezed out of my mind capacity!

had quite a bit of booze.
some lovely rosé wine from new zealand. that was a 1st for me!
of and course!
mom was on booze patrol! haha

aw. yer. i may be 18; but i guess, i;m forever her lil girl((:

it was my mom's birthday too((:
and josh played a funky bday song for her on the piano! haha
the dry ice just cracked every body up!

my mom would kill me for putting this but!! haha look at my parents' expression! and my mom! she's such a little girl!

thanks, you guys(((:
those lovely bday wishes and gifts((:

the pj bottom and undies!! haha
they are so cute! gna show them to u guys during the cruise next month(:
(ok; not the undies though. haha!)

thanks na, ley, mel, char, rach and aud((:
the stars and stripes! wow(((:

OH and big thanks to -L
for the purse and the scarf(((((((((((((:
with the bvlgari scent in it; wow. extremely special((:

p.s. thanks for making vday extra sweet for me this year((:
love that song(: really.
and it kinda. make me hate myself for not being able to sing for u too. haha=p






was kinda draggish, going back to school for revison.
but; it was real productive(((:

the results;
HOM- semi confident.
FABM- it was just verbal vomit!
MIEC- totally forgot how i felt after the paper

most emotional after this paper. like ever!!
haf not like. been so. agitated after any exams.
not even the o's
like; i can totally felt that i was gna cry;
ok. i did cry a bit. teared?! haha

and the worst part?!!
after the papers and i realised how BLIND i was!! i mean;

i wna take that paper again! awww.

haf been surviving on less than 5h of sleep during the exam period. and yett.
i've been staying up late again. haha
owell. not gna bother much cos i just wna. wow. chill out. it's

*cant imagine being so old!

so!! we went shopping and all after stats;
and honestly! we were all so tired!!

haha! though hayden christensen is so hot is star wars;
he was just. alright in this movie?! hahah

the plot was great and

dubai, cairo, rome, paris, nyc, london etc etc etc.
he went there!! in a flash!!
so unfair!

i wna be a jumper too!
i know of a great place i can go to right now
and it starts with a letter "i" haha!

credits: dear harrison(:

alright then;
that's all i haf for now!
gna post up more pictures whn i've received them from my cousin and the pj pic!!


pps. i'm famished!!!

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