wow!! went to a super sweet sixteen on friday @ dempsey road and that is like, the best thing ever!! haha!!

this is the lovely invite which dear rachel sent out and it got everybody so excited!

so; i dont haf much pictures to upload cos' the lightings were pretty dim and my mobile just couldnt take fab pictures))):

****gna post some up whn i've received them from the bday girl.


it's super random. so. plus, it applies to girls. ONLY.

you know how, we would take pictures of the lovely gifts that we get?!
we got lingerie from our crazy friends!!

would you STILL snap a picture of the cute lil thing and post it up?!! haha!!!

i cant even answer my own question!! lol.

back to the sweet sixteen.
i gta WALK all the way up the friggin hill on my heels. and. yer.
it was so DARK by then!!

i KNOW i'll miss the shuttle bus frm wisma atria so i went there by myself.

so, the spicy pasta was fab!! plus the german sausages and yummy salad wif pumpkin!!
lol!! dear emily told me that it was potato and it got me confused whn i had my 1st bite!!!

haha; ooh. there was some really cute cupcakes ard and the icings were the BEST!!!!
such a princess-y feel about them....
and the drinks they serve ONLY ONCE whn u arrive. yummm!!
i dont know wht i was drinking but it was so YUMMY!!!!!

the music was good. i was SEMI dancing along wif the crowd and it was FUN!!

then jes and i bailed and we went to the washroom where we sat and chatted for like. half and hour?! haha yes!! in the toilet. lol!!
the nicest washroom ever...

(where we sat and chatted and people just came by and started looking at us all weird and such. aww. they're just jealous we haf so much to talk abt=p haha!)



the show. from the states which will probably AIR in SG XMAS NEXT YEAR)))))))):

our verdict?!!

Serena aka BLAKE LIVELY is the hottest babe around Upper East Side and

we are still standing our grounds on the guys issue~~~

jes is Team Nate ALL THE WAY

while i'm of course! Team Dan FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!

ok. so i digress. haha!
anyhow. the party is kinda low key. some people were playing charade, some, murderer and my table?! hahaha. the gambling fools.
played tai tee=p hahaha

my cards were so PRETTY!!!!!!!
2 Spades and 3 Ace.
i could have won. but~
i dont know wht happened. haha!

so anyhow; the party ended on a high note and i gta say; that was the most fun thing which have happened to me in ages!!!

next stop?!

Dunamis Rock's Christmas Party with a Emmy's Theme.
WOWWWW i cant wait(((((((((((((:
3 or 4 course fine dining. WOOTS!!

tt's if, i choose to attend((((((:

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