awwwww saw something on the straits times and it scared me so so much!!!

women who consumes fries and chips have double the risks of contracting ovarian and womb cancer!!!!!

i mean. since;
tomatoes keep prostate cancer at bay for the guys,

is there such a thing for ladies?! pomegranate or something?!!

ok. i haven been eating chips for a long time and fries too!
but i love them!!

not chips; i hate chips. but FRIES.

why are yummy stuff always so full of calories and cholesterol and cancer causing
and bland, puke inducing stuff so, GOOD FOR YOU?!!

ok. gna stop eating them

new year is coming right?
this will be my new year resolution #1!! ahahaha.
i;m serious!!!

HEALTH IS WEALTH((((((((((((((((;

and i;m halfway there on accomplishing my goal((:

gna continue to have my daily dose of freshly squeezed fruit juice regime:D

yay to apple + celery juice!!!

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