Seven Things.

7 things

I want to thank Claire of Bow & Floral for giving this award to me; though I wouldn't exactly say that I'm "stylish" as compared to so many of you here; it seems pretty fun; and I thought it's a great way to share with you guys; so why not?(:

1) I've always loved flying; but up till recently, I would get really squeamish, especially, and only when the plane is taking off! It may be the many movies/news that I'd watched; but I would just be really uncomfortable! I swear, my heart wouldn't stop pounding!
2) I've always been madly jealous when I see photos of bloggers prancing around in fields of tall grass; I've wanted to do the same; but we do not have such fields in SG, so, naturally, I jumped at the chance when I saw these beautiful grass/flowers when I was at Hainan; Absolutely loved it!
3) I only love skinny pizzas! None of that, thick, chunky base you get from Pizza Hut!
4) My favorite drink is a tie between a Soy Chai Latte; or a Green Tea Latte; though I've been drinking more of the latter these days; so I say Green Tea Latte, actually! I just love the green, frothy and foamy surface!
5) 18 Dec 2010 was the day when I experienced falling snow for the first time in my life! It was also my first and last time making a dodgy snowman by the River Thames; definitely a day to remember(:
6) Absolutely love churros! Nothing can beat the smell of a freshly baked churro! (Now, I'm definitely craving for one; and it's not easy to get in Singapore!)
7) After reading an interview that Ben Adams, from A1 (yes, I read that interview years ago!) does not stick his feet out from his bed at night, for fear that someone or something would grab his feet; I have never stuck my feet out of my bed at night since! It's irrational, I know; but I just can't help it! It's scary!

I know, I'm supposed to pass this on to seven people; but it's so hard to choose! So, I shall pass this on to Winnie of Diamond Canopy, my longest friend that I've made through blogging! Can't wait to see what you've got darling! xx