London's Calling!

1) At the boarding gate; red eye to London Heathrow!
2) My entertainment; absolutely in love with Sophie Kinsella; though I ended up watching three movies! Yes, one of them being Titanic <3
3) Continental Breakfast suits me best! I am definitely a breakfast cereal girl!
4) Starbucks on a snowy day; Can't believe it's really happened!
5) Look at the amount of snow! And actually it's my first time experiencing it!
6) Had Mediterranean for lunch! Absolutely yummy! The waiters were really charming! Really awesome service! Thank you Nar!
7) Hummus, lentil soup; and chicken casserole;
8) Mistletoe by the side of the road! At least, I think they are mistletoes! Nevertheless, they're so pretty!
9) Walked by the riverbank and we decided to have an impromptu snowball fight; and a snowman making session; Big Ben looks absolutely gorgeous in the distance!
10) One thing I love about London? Pretty details in the most random objects you see on the streets! Look at that fish I found on a street lamp!

Anyway, thanks so much for all your comments! I was truly blown away by the amount of comments I've received! (Honestly, I thought I would have like only, 2, or 3?!) Right now, I'm typing this post in the hotel room; and would be leaving to Oxford Circus to get some boots soon! London's weather is frigid and when I'm out and about, I can't feel my toes even with thick socks on! Will definitely reply your comments soon(!) but in the mean time, enjoy this wintry post! xx


  1. I absolutely loved Can you keep a secret! Sophia Kinsella is a godddess. I'm actually reading Undomestic Goddess now! :P


  2. Lovely photos! I love that Sophie Kinsella book!

  3. Oh wow, you did a great job at capturing what you've done so far. I wish I was there with you right now!

  4. all that food makes me hungry

  5. Eeek! Titanic! God, I love that movie. Reminds me of the good ol' days...I had a giant crush on Leo when I was 7. Now I'm totally in love with the chubby irish guy.

    All the food looks delicious. Hope you're enjoying the snow! I can always give you some of mine if you're ever in need... ;)


Thanks for your comments(: Really do appreciate all of them! xx