The Cherry Blossom Girl

I'm a little slow on things; and although Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl blogged about these about a month ago; I have to share them again; they are just too beautiful not to.

As you can probably tell, these are wedding dresses and no; I do not have a crushing urge to get hitched after staring at these but I'm absolutely in love with the colors and textures of these dresses. I'm really a girlie girl; and frankly speaking; anything pastel, soft, and dreamlike is enough to capture my heart's fancy.They are really so beautiful and these dresses is that they are the epitome of ethereal. (Awww.)

I can go on and on about them; but I guess you should probably see it for yourself on her blog. I guess that's why brides always look so blissful; I feel bliss, just by looking at them; now; imagine wearing them.


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