Taipei, Taiwan.

Harrison was telling me that he'd be meeting his friends at Taipei 101 for lunch; and this notion started growing in me;

I Miss That City.

How can I forgot the buzz I felt when our plane touched down on the tarmac; and the really hard time we had; carting our heavy luggage around, in front of Grand Hyatt and Taipei 101, no less;

There was also the time when Baby gave me the hugest surprise, ever; Never in my wildest dreams, did I expect him to be the one to come outside his car to give me that hug; And I'm thankful that we've got some pretty amazing memories in the City- Typhoon Day; enough's said

Our favorite haunts; Shilin, Wufenpu, Ximending;
I miss the sights, sounds and  smells;
The array of clothes available in a place; cheap buys at that; is enough to make one all excited; and I'm honestly missing the Taiwanese accent that we hear all the time;
Of course; the tantalizing smell from the roadside stalls are what makes your shopping experience complete!

The gastronomical delights- probably something that I can do without; as I remember how we used to be so  afraid, before stepping onto the weighing scale. But their Orh-Ah-Jian (Oyster Pancake) is one that I definitely miss; and something which I personally feel, cannot be compared to SG's;

And how can I ever forget about Taipei 101; And Vieshow; where Esther & I would hang out; after a long day at work;
She would have her yummy Ireland Potato and I would have my Corona and God knows what we chat about; since we live, sleep, work and play 24/7, all together; 

Yilan & Luodong were the only two towns that we've visited throughout our stay; and I'm glad we've got the chance to see them; the view of the Pacific Ocean from the beach in Yilan was a-mazing; and my only regret was that I didn't bring a swimsuit along on that else; else, I'd be the first one dashing to the sea;

Luodong Nightmarket was so fun and so vibrant; packed with people, merchandise and good food;

Ice Cream Peanut Roll

Besides; there's something so... Liberating about travelling with the wind in your hair;

But above all; what I treasured most was the friendships forged; and the experience gained, from the ups and downs that I've gone through.


Everything happens for a reason; and there's something to learn from everyone you meet; either good or bad; which you strive to do the opposite off; and; It's just amazing how I'm still in contact with my supervisor; whom had really taught me sooo much;

Thanks Darren(:
AND ESTHER! Those six months together were just; awesome!

And you. I'm sorry that, there were many misunderstandings and unhappiness during this period; Though things didn't turn out well; It's been so long; and looking back; Honestly, I'm glad; that I've gone on this journey with you.

Okay, enough with the melancholy; now back to work!


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