A Filling, 83 Cal Lunch;

As some of you know, I've turned to a low-cal diet these few days and  so I'm really conscious of the type of food I put into my mouth;

Which is why, I'm so amazed by this instant Yam Mixed Cereal that right after I first tasted it; I know that I've got to share with you guys;

(Okay, before some of you make gagging sounds;)

I've counted and there are over 16 different kind of wheat and nuts like ginko and pumpkin seeds in this little satchet; a grand total of  zero grams of sodium in this and for something as yummy and filling; it's a mere 83 cal; even lower than my favorite Special K cereal bars!

My uncle brought it back from TW so I'm not sure if SG stocks this; but I hope they do! (Sure beats other instant cereal mixs that I've tried!)

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