Racial Discrimination

I know that such things happen.

You've always heard of things happening to your friends, to other people, when they're travelling, studying or working overseas.

UGH, it even happens in Singapore too, when you are a 1st Class Citizen of your own right.

I've got a friend; she got a scolding, from a Caucasian woman, just because she happens to be around the YMCA area, and she have no idea where in the world, is the Singapore Arts Museum.

I mean; she's only what, 18? Like?! We're not obligated to know where SAM is, we can choose not to know that SOTA is right across the street for all we care.
It doesn't make us ignorant, or stupid.

The reason why I say this,
It's because,
I got slighted today, at Borders, by a German I suppose. With an arty fartsy accent.

I was looking for the Jan edition of Nat Geo, and I couldn't find it, no matter where I looked.

And a staff kindly helped me, but he pointed out a foreign edition to me.

And it DID, look like Dutch;

So I went on to tell the staff that I would like the English edition; and (smiles,) I think, THINK, this is Dutch;

This man, with as much sense of humor as a block of ice, went;

"It's German, some Chinese are just ignorant."

I was speechless.

All words flew out of my brain and I just managed a "Whatever"; and walked off.

This Chinese man beside me was looking at that guy,
The staff, was silent; probably focussing on looking for an ENGLISH copy of Nat Geo.


Yes, I admit, I am not too sure, how Dutch or German looks like.

BUT, to label someone ignorant, to specify their particular, race, to single them out, based on their skin color;


Maybe because this was the first time in my life, that I get singled out for something that, I... (suppose I) take advantage of, that is- my nationality.

That is why, it's affecting me so much, that I'm rambling here.


And that's shhiiiaaat, in German and Dutch; respectively.

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